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Mold Inspection & Testing

  • What is mold testing? Mold testing is the process of testing a building or structure for mold. This process involves taking samples of air or surfaces in the building and sending them to a laboratory for analysis.

  • Mold is a type of fungus that grows in damp and humid environments. When mold spores are inhaled, they can cause a variety of health problems, including respiratory issues, allergies, and infections. Exposure to mold can also trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory problems.

  • Some common symptoms of mold exposure include coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Mold can cause many health effects. For some people, mold can cause a stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing or wheezing, burning eyes, or skin rash. People with asthma or who are allergic to mold may have severe reactions.

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